Yankee Chapter: Making Waves With Old Outboards

Shelton Formal Awards

The chapter tried a few new categories this year, people really enjoyed them! Herewith a review of the new classes and the winners from all our formal categories.

Best Educational Display

From the club mission statement: The fundamental purpose of the club is to provide a means of communication for those who are interested in the research and exchange of knowledge pertaining to the history, restoration and preservation of antique & classic outboard motors.

This class has been created to further education, learning and the communication of ideas pertaining to the old outboard hobby. The guidelines will be kept purposely broad but could include; accessories, parts, outboard boating related equipment or a mounted display of photographs. Points are awarded based on the educational aspects of the display followed by creativity and the presentation. (Any collection of motors in this class must have a clear cohesive theme that adheres to these guidelines.)

Winner for Best Display

Gary M.

Vintage outboard petroleum display

Other interesting displays were the following  
Outboard spark plugs through the ages
presented by R.C.H.

Johnson Remote Fuel Tanks 1949-1959
presented by Art S.

Best Boat & Motor
As a club devoted to the use and preservation of antique & classic outboards, the hobby would be static without boats to run the outboard motors on! This award is presented to the individual who has and runs the best boat and motor combination.

Winner for Best Boat & Motor

Michael K.

1919 Edwin Long 13' 6"

1926 Elto Ruddertwin 4hp

Oldest Running Motor
Core to the mission of the AOMCI is the use and display of the earliest outboard motors. It is our hope that offering this award will be an incentive to run early examples with the result that everyone will enjoy seeing these wonderful motors in use.

Winner for Oldest Running Motor

Doug P.

1913 Evinrude Model B 2hp

Most Unusual
The display and use of unusual outboard motors is an important and fun part of the club’s mission. By offering this award it is hoped that members will be encouraged to bring motors in this class so everyone can enjoy seeing them.

Winner for Most Unusual

Art S .

1954 Pluvier Boatmaster



The winners in the established Yankee Chapter award categories are as follows:

Winner for Early Antique 1927 and Earlier

Bob G .

1922 Johnson C



Winner for Antique 1928 to 1945

Roger H.

1944 Johnson PO-15



Winner for Classic 1946 to 1965

Norm D.

1958 Evinrude Fastwin


And Norm's QD was nifty too!


Winner for Best Original Condition

Kevin S.

1923 Johnson Waterbug



President's Choice

Dean P.

1967 Johnson Workhorse



Winner Best In Show

Bob P .

1947 Lyman 13'

1956 Evinrude Lark 30hp

Judging all the fine motors and boats is a real task. Here are some photos showing how it is done.

Ten different categories are looked at by the judges on each motor. Completness, correctness, originallity and a host of other items are checked.
Each of the ten categories is awarded points based on a 1-5 system. Bonus points may be added for literature, options and other items relating to the motor or category.

Each judged category has different criteria. Judges rely on each others individual knowledge and expertise to accuratly evaluate all the categories.

Elizabeth M and Harry S. help hosts Art & Abby award the trophies
Each chapter is required to hold one formal event each year by the AOMCI. The Yankee Chapter encourages people to bring motors, boats and outboard related items to the meet regardless of if they are entered in the formal judging.

Running the Yankee Chapter is a lot of work. Without the help and assistance of many individuals the job would be overwhelming. Putting this meet together was a big job but it paid off handsomely and a good time was had by all. The meet would not have been such a success without the help of a number of members - a big thank you to the following:

Michael S. - Michael made our new sign and banner. He also let us use his tent and volunteered for the very important and time consuming role of Judging Coordinator.

Our excellent new sign & banner from Squiredesign Inc. Thanks Michael!!

R. C. - A tireless helper who worked for months beforehand to help plan the award classes and how the judging should be structured. R.C. also donated several nifty old race prizes for the "My First Outboard" theme. R.C's expertise was also evident in his role as judge for our formal awards.

Walt & Maureen L. - Walt was chapter President when I joined the club 10 years ago and has been a role model and helped with the many questions I had upon taking over this year. Maureen worked the sign in booth and really helped keep things organized.

Jim M. - Jim has the unenviable job of coordinating all the Yankee Chapter events and getting that information to our chapter newsletter The Knuckle Knews and to the Outboarder Newsletter. This is a monumental and almost thankless task - I say almost thankless because I want to take the time to say THANK YOU now! Jim also contributed the excellent article on Elgins for our Featured Outboard on our homepage.

Debbie C. - Our treasurer and keeper of all things financial relating to the chapter. This is another thankless job but one that is critical to keeping us firing on all our cylinders. THANKS DEBBIE!!!

Garry M. - Another former Yankee Chapter President, Garry sent me a load of information on how the categories should be organized and judged. He also has provided content for this website and offered answers to my many questions.

Tom M., Kevin S - Each gave up part of their day to help with the judging for the formal awards. Their knowledge and expertise along with RC and Michael gave us a top notch team for deciding the finest motors in each class.

Abby S. - Wives are not usually volunteers but drafted into the job of helping. I can't thank my wife enough for all the help and support before, during and after the meet. Thanks hon!!!!

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Yankee Chapter: Making Waves With Old Outboards


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