Yankee Chapter: Making Waves With Old Outboards

Yankee Chapter Formal Meet 2005 Indian Well State Park 9/10/2005

by Chapter President Art S.

A more perfect day of fun, friends and old outboards there never was! With record attendance, the formal meet at Indian Well was a huge success. This was the first time I am aware of the Yankee Chapter has had a themed event and the "My First Outboard" concept met with rave reviews. The idea was to bring the first outboard you ever owned (or a replacement if the original is no longer in your possession), and share photos or stories about it with other members. Almost 20 members brought their first outboards - Roger H. brought his first 3!! (Scroll down to see the group photo)

This year the number of formal awards grew to ten. Several new categories were: Oldest Running Motor, Best Boat & Motor and (my personal favorite) Best Educational Display. See The Award Winners

A special thanks to Norm W., Richard G., and Frank P. for some of the photos below.

Our new sign - No doubt about which way to go!
Tent & sign-in
Our crew
The parking lot - many boats to be launched
Past Presidents Walt L. and Gary M. discussing the day with Art S.
Greg J. and Elto Sportster
On the water
A beach of beauties
Ken H. talks with other members about his Feathercraft & Javelin 35
Starting the '56 RD
Former Chapter President Bob T. and "Mr. Champion" Dick S. tinkering
Ray S. running an Elto Pal and a Zephyr - 5 Cylinders of POWER!
Jim M. and '47 Elgin 5.5hp
Walt L.
Nice Caille!

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Formal Award Photos
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Yankee Chapter: Making Waves With Old Outboards


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