Yankee Chapter: Making Waves With Old Outboards

The Knuckle Knews

The Yankee Chapter shares the KNUCKLE KNEWS with the Knuckle Buster chapter (MD, PA, NJ, NY) as our printed newsletter.

A large percentage of our membership doesn't have access to a computer so, as good as this web site is, our printed newsletters are still the primary source of information. Published quarterly, the KNUCKLE KNEWS offers a potpourri of articles ranging from outboard news, how-to, reminiscences and even a swap-n-sell.

Since the KNUCLE KNEWS is a regional publication, the content is a lot more relevant and fun than the swap ads in the national AOMC NEWSLETTER. (And should you find in the swap ads an Evinrude Big Four, Fageol 44 or Giant Twin you have always wanted, it's probably a lot closer for you to pick up!)

The cost of the KNUCKLE KNEWS is just $3 a year and well worth every penny. You must subscribe in December or January to get all 4 issues. If you renew after 2/1 you just get the remaining issues that year. To subscribe, please send payment to Joe Ryan, KNUCKLE KNEWS Editor-In-Chief, cash is preferred. Here is a link to a subscription form you can print out and mail: Knuckle Knews Subscription Form. There are two renewals on the form, this is such a great deal why not send $6 and sign up a friend as a gift. (Or print out multiples and give them away as Holiday Gifts!)


Yankee Chapter: Making Waves With Old Outboards

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