Yankee Chapter: Making Waves With Old Outboards


The meets we have throughout the year are one of the best parts of belonging to the AOMCI and the Yankee Chapter. Here is a collection of photos from past meets showing the fun.

If you have some photos from one of our meets and would like to share with everyone, please email the webmaster at the link on the bottom of this page and they will be posted.

Click on the photos or titles below to view each events photos and write-up.

Take A virtual tour of some Yankee Chapter meets! (click on any of the photos or titles above)

If you have photos from any Yankee Chapter event and would like to share them, please email them to the webmaster.

Caution: If you are on dial up, these images could take a while to load.

Yankee Chapter: Making Waves With Old Outboards


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