Yankee Chapter: Making Waves With Old Outboards

Webster 2007

I don't know how Jim M. is able to get good weather for this meet but again this year it was another perfect 10! With sunny skies and temperatures in the 60's and 70's it was a fantastic day to run a boat on Lake Chaubunagungamaug (Otherwise known as Lake Webster)

There were probably close to 75 members and a good number of boats at the meet. As in the past a large number of vintage Feathercrafts were on the water along with several vintage wooden and fiberglass boats. See the photos below for a view of the vintage iron and boats that were at the meet. The earliest was Rick P's 1912 Evinrude, Brook N and Frank P also has Evinrude RBM's out on the lake.

In keeping with Johnson's legendary 85 years of reliability, there were a ton of 20's and 30's Johnsons out. A very special treat was Dave S's Johnson VE-50. It has been a long time since I last saw a V-series Johnson actually running. Take it from me it runs and sounds as great as it looks - what a treat!

There were a few 4-cylinder Evinrudes out; two Zephyrs and a Lightfour. Lots & lots of fifties classics matched with period boats. This writer spent most of the day out on the water in the (new to me) 1956 Duratech Sea-Line 13 with '55 Big Twin Electric - so I missed out on most of the shore news, swapping and kibitzing. We have attended this meet for years but this was the first time exploring the entire lake, it is enormous! There are three large open spaces and many small islands and inlets to explore. It took over two hours to tour every bit of shore, island & inlet and the old Big Twin didn't miss a beat. Total run time on the boat & motor was 2:45 and it burned 4 gallons of fuel for the day.

The famous "Sloppy-Joe" lunch was served by our host Joe M. and at the meeting a big round of applause was given to him and his crew for holding such a great meet.

Here is a first, Keith M & family did a video of the meet and you can watch it on U-Tube with the appropriate windows software, here is the link: Webster Meet Movie 5/12/07

Thanks to Hurricane Harry, Rod C., Tom C., Norm W. and Daniel P. for the 90 photos below!

Photographer Daniel P. with Martin 60
Bill W's truck of auto-trans Merc's (They all work!)
Two '58 Javelins on Feathercrafts - where else but at an AOMCI meet would you see this!
Say cheese!
Eamon C. going over the Mark 20
What is better than an outboard meet?!!
Fabulous Feathercraft & Chevy
Sweet '56 Johnson RD
Yet another Feathercraft!
Dan T. is a big Martin supporter and tells anyone who will listen!
Frank P. & Uncle Walt getting the Evinrude RBM ready
Walt makes sure she'll fire on the first pull!
Ready to go!
Some of the motors on display, Scott 7.5 and Johnson J-65
Some of the motors for sale
So many outboards & so little time to run them!
Tom C's recent finds - Waterwich & Elto
Waiting to be run...
Green motors for sale - I like the Johnson CD
Also for sale: 1940 AT and 1956 FD
More motors for sale
Rusty M's Chris Craft kit boat he built as a kid. We love the West Bend Shark on the back!
Firestone and pre Bail-A-Matic Scott
Ahhh Dan, there is no tide here on the lake....
Maureen, Ron & Barbara enjoying the day
Another automatic transmission Merc Mark 10 - these things are becoming very popular!
On the boat
Beautiful all-original '58 Evinrude Fisherman - it runs as great as it looks!
Beach looking south
Beach looking north
Lake gets deep just off-shore, the perfect place for an outboard meet
This boat is a real eye-catcher!
Rick W's boat and Merc are all-original, what a beauty!
Hurricane Harry with our 1956 Duratech Sea-Line 13 and '55 Big Twin Electric
Runs so well a child can use it!
Greg S's nice skiff & Johnson 10hp
Deb's boat in an artistic pose!
Bob P out for a spin
Bill A and Brook N with Bills Old Town & Johnson S
Brook's Evinrude RBM gets a lot of use at the meets
Dave B. with his Arkansas Traveler and '56 Johnson
Chris Craft Challenger is a great running motor!
Doug P. getting set to run the Martin
Frank & Walt had a great cruise with the Evinrude RBM - but they didn't "throw away the oars"!!
Glenn W. out boar a romp with the '55 Scott Atwater 7.5
After running the RBM Walt goes for a spin with the Mark 20
Close-up of Jim M's Johnson DT-39
Here it is out for a run on Jim's Duratech Pram-Line skiff
Jim's nicely restored 30's Sea-King long-shaft
Running the Sea-King
Jim and Tom C. out for a spin with an early 1955 Clinton Model 25
Harry borrowed Jim's Duratech to test out his early 50's electric LeJay - feel the power!
Here is Dave S's awesome Johnson VE-50 - what an incredible motor!
Ken B. and his Aluma-Craft and Big Twin. She scoots right along!
Ken H. and his nifty Feathercraft
The twins are here!!!
Lincoln D. from Waldoboro ME brought this amazing HiLiner with twin direct reversing Mark 78's
A lovely boat from every angle
Norm W. said the boat was so fast he had to remove his glasses so they wouldn't blow away!
It even looks great on the trailer!
Ron M and wife Barbara out for a spin with a Neptune.....
No... I was corrected, make that a Waterwich!
Ray S. running his HeavyFour with Neptune back-up
Dick S. shows of his twin Champion rig - now that is something you don't see every day!
Evinrude RBM
Rick P out running his 1912 Evinrude
Ron, Rick & Dean admire the RBM
A real beauty!
Stationary engine fun too!
Jack C. demonstrates some of wife Emma's mechanical oars - they let you row facing forwards
Yankee Chapter Treasurer Debbie C. is taken for a ride by Art & Harry
And a very special thanks to our host Joe M who puts the event together and makes the best Sloppy Joes on the East Coast!

Yankee Chapter: Making Waves With Old Outboards


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