Yankee Chapter: Making Waves With Old Outboards
Rhode Island

Nigel L.
Rhode Island

My dad first took me out fishing when I was 3. Since then, like Ratty in Wind In The Willows, there is nothing I would rather do than "simply mess about in boats." Tinkering with old outboards helps relieve the stress after work and I can run them with my family on the weekend! My wife & children all enjoy them too; my 14 year-old daughter likes the British Seagull she found at a yard sale for $25 and my 10 year-old son has a 1955 Johnson 3hp that he got for free! (It had been put out with someone’s trash.) My own favorite motor is a 1925 Johnson AB-25 – a special salt-water version with a bronze lower unit. Running motors and going to the Yankee Chapter events is a great time!






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