Yankee Chapter: Making Waves With Old Outboards


Mystic CT Antique Marine Engine Expo Display - August 19-20 2006

This was the 15th year for the fabulous Mystic Antique Engine Expo and the 15th time the Yankee Chapter of the AOMCI has displayed there. This show is a celebration of all mechanical marine propulsion from the earliest steam engines right up to gigantic diesel tugboat engines. Also included is a fantastic display of working model boats & engines, even a few toy & model outboards! The displays are almost 100% active, with all kinds of engines running, thumping, wheezing and farting all day long! Pure heaven for those of us into this type of thing.

About 15 members and Seaport contributors took part in the outboard motor display tent. Outboards play a prominent and populist part of the exposition and over 100 motors from 1898 to 1961 were displayed. Norm W. brought his newly restored Mark 10 that was drop dead gorgeous. There was a nice display of mini-motors (Elto Cubs, Pals, Aces) from Warren K. Dave S. had his mint Monarch S/N #1 and Johnson 300 among others. And host Gary M. had his cool Quad and Electric Start Lockwood on display. There was even a home-made steam outboard on display! I can't even start to remember all the other motors shown.

The Seaport also supplies test barrels and, (on the river), a sturdy wooden skiff so outboards can be actively demonstrated. Members Bob Z (Evinrude 3hp) and Bob T. (everything from a Caille 5spd to a '24 Johnson A), put a lot of hours on their motors in the test tanks. Bob T. also ran his Evinrude RBM on the skiff out on the Mystic River. Harry & I also offered rides with my TN-28 and Harry's CD-18.

We get a lot of inquiries from visitors to the Seaport about old outboards and handed out membership information on the AOMCI. A special thanks to Yankee Chapter Member Gary M. for coordinating everything with the Seaport. These were two fun filled days with lots to see and do, Mystic Seaport runs a first-class event every year - I can hardly wait for next year to do it again!

Thanks to Hurricane Harry, Norm W., Rod C. and Ray S. for the photos.

Yankee AOMCI Display
Outboards from 1898 to 1961
Some of Warren K's motors on display
Left; display of Johnson Fishing motors 1922 to 1965
Dave S's beautiful display; Monarch (#1), Caille, Elto & Johnson 300
More displayed motors
L to R: Seagull, Evinrude RBM, Johnson A, Clark Troller, Milburn Cub (or variant), Elto Ruddertwin, Neptune & Chris Craft
Ray's nice HD-25
53" Lauson 3, Johnson A-45 & Evinrude 3
A meeting of the minds

Johnson alternate firing A? No...

It's a Neptune!
Bob P's Feathercraft & motors on display
Bob put a lot of hours on his Evinrude RBM to show people how great an 85+ year old outboard can be!
Even Bob was impressed with how well it ran - quiet too!
Old Fussbudget takes the TN for a run on the Seaport's skiff
Bill A. also out for a run with his TN - when was the last time two TN's passed on the Mystic River?
Hurricane Harry pumps out the Seaports heavy-duty skiff Elwood on Sunday morning
"Wow, this motor is a lot smoother & quieter than my Mercs - doesn't mind the salt water either!"
Super G says Ahoy Matey!
Some of the mini outboards on display in the model section
A few more
Nice Chris Craft!
Even more model motors
Model boats could be run in a special area
Kids (and adults) love to see them go!
We have to sign this guy up for the club!
The Hudson Invader 200-275hp. Talk about BIG IRON!
You know when this baby is running because the ground starts shaking!
That is a Lockwood Ash inboard! Dubious fresh water cooling hookup...
Bob waves from the Gerda, a boat used to smuggle Jews out of Nazi Germany
Like the Energizer bunny, that Evinrude RBM is still going! After 9 hours straight, Bob needed to re-tighten the muffler bearings. ;^D
A ride on the steam powered Sabino is fun. Sabino's 100 year old steam engine makes 75hp, that equates to 150 Elto Cubs!

The Cruise (Curse?) Of The Seagull

Sunday morning was quiet....

Until host Gary M, Bill A. and Dave S. tinker with a Seagull Gary found somewhere.
How many cooks can we get in the kitchen? - Jeez, it actually runs!
So Gary puts in on a boat...
And with Barbara and Ray S., off they go. Gary Says: I can't wait to open this baby up!"
Make fun of my Seagull and I'll whack you with this starter rope!
They pick up Bill A who needed a rest
Low bridge everybody down!

Bill A: "This is tough.... Glad they opened the bridge, I was worried about my flag!"

I file the following three photos under "What's Wrong With This Picture" (see below for the answer)
Look closely...
See the problem?
Answer: Talented restorer Norm D decided to have some fun and create a motor that never was; the 1955 Johnson AD-9 7.5hp. Johnson did not come out with this motor until the next year (the AD-10) and the motors were painted Holiday Bronze not Johnson Green!

If you have photos from this meet and would like to share them, please email them to the webmaster.

Yankee Chapter: Making Waves With Old Outboards

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