Yankee Chapter: Making Waves With Old Outboards


Framingham MA Meet - January 28th 2006

By special correspondent S. Atwater

January in New England is usually cold, snowy and miserable (especially if you are a boater). Having the opportunity to get together with friends, off-load some projects, look for some new projects or scrounge for sorely needed parts, is a welcome relief. Ron M. brought a little sunshine into the Yankee Chapter by offering to host this meet at Edwards Church Hall in Framingham during the depths of the long dark winter. The 28th of January started out cold & gray but by about 11:00 the sun came out and temperatures moderated to the 50's.

At least 100 members from New England, NY, NJ and as far off as PA attended the meet, we even signed up a couple of new members. There were TONS of goodies to be found, many folks sold motors, swapped parts and discussed projects. Especially popular was Ken H's truck - Ken had cleaned out a number of old outboard dealers and had nifty stuff with everything priced ONE DOLLAR OR LESS!! One member picked up a half dozen NOS Scott Atwater impellers and this correspondent found a really clean 3hp Lightwin tank in Ken's boxes.

Also fun was one member who brought two midget race cars from the 1930's for folks to see. One was powered by the mighty Elto 460. Alas, we did not get to hear its beautiful roar - probably because of being adjacent to the church graveyard... (We wouldn't want to wake the 300 years worth of people slumbering there)

Our host had gallons of delicious chili and other folks brought brownies, cookies and other treats - nobody went home hungry!

Being together with all our AOMCI friends, talking about old outboards and having fun - what better way is there to spend a Saturday afternoon in January? A really big thanks to Ron M. and family for sponsoring this great meet.

Thanks to Hurricane Harry S., Frank P. and Ron M. for the photos below.

Early set-up
Cold morning - hot deals!
The Lubriplate 105 pusher doin' his thing - note Frank P. on the right, running to get his wallet!
Super Sea Bee!
1950 Scott 7 1/2
Lenny R. having fun!
Richard G. hunting for treasures
Johnson 100
Some of Carl's finest
Elto Powered Midget Racer
Lots of interest
Side view
Closer still!
Bill can't help wondering if it could be converted back to an outboard.....
Fun & funky feathercraft
Boy, a '57 Javelin would look really great on this boat!
Johnson, Elgin, Wizard, Neptune, Evinrude - culturally diverse!
Chris Craft Challenger
More goodies!
Smiles worn by all!
And I crown you Sir Bowlight!
More and more deals!
Sweet Elto!
Stand up and be counted!
When was the last time you saw an Elgin Reservoir remote tank, huh?
Ruel E. checks out Terry C's stuff
Boxes & boxes of NOS parts, all $1 or less - a feeding frenzy!

Richard G. "Oh boy, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning!"
Joe R. "Where's Barbara? I need to borrow $4 from her"

Frank P's Framingham finds safe at home at home on the rack
Walt to Tom: "Yea, sure my KG-7 is faster than your Model N, but you have reverse!"
Louisa reads Bob's fortune while the crowd watches - "I see a green Mercury in your future!"

Conversation overheard regarding the 1976 Sea King/Eska 7hp:
Art, reaching into his pocket: "I'll pay you NOT TO sell it to Harry!"
Doug: "Dratt!! That means I gotta take it back home again...."

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Yankee Chapter: Making Waves With Old Outboards

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