Yankee Chapter: Making Waves With Old Outboards


Thompson/Quaddick Lake CT - May 18th, 2013

Glen and Connie did another amazing job, in this writer's view this was the perfect meet! The Yankee Chapter had about 40-50 members in attendance, people ran outboards from Jack's 1915 RBM up to Will G's Evinrude from the 1990s - and everything in between!

Just a few of the motors spied were Jim M's rare '51 Firestone 10 by Scott - Dean P. and Tom M. had the matching '51 10hp Scott, not sure who was the winner of their sea trials comparing the two! Dave V. had a KG-9 on a 13' Boston Whaler, probably the only one in the country with that power. Tom C. had luck with one of the two Mighty Mites he brought, Don K. had a few of his favorite '58 Evinrudes, think I spied a Lightwin and Fleetwin. Phil T. had a Johnson A-25 and an OA-65 running on his boat. And not to forget Danny O. with his Porta-Bote and one of his many perfectly running low-profile Scott McCulloch 7.5s! This writer ran his 1931 Caille Model 16 until it overheated, then a 1960s Cary Jet. Hurricane Harry had his 1936 Thor single out running for quite some time, then switched to a 1929 Evinrude NF that also ran well.

And lunch, holy cow, you can't get better anywhere at any price!!! Ribs, pulled pork, ham and fried turkey all home-made and delicious. Glen and Connie go all-out for this meet and it really shows. Heck, if I wasn't a member already, I'd join the AOMCI just to be able to come to the meet and have this lunch!

It's days like this that make putting up with all the cr@ppy weather in the winter here in New England worthwhile. Temps were in the 70s, not too hot, no humidity, no bugs and just enough clouds to keep you from getting roasted. Good friends, good food - what a day, here are a few photos we took - ENJOY!!

What an idyllic place to have an outboard meet!
Dave V's 13' Whaler with KG-9 - probably the only Whaler so equipped in the USA!
Dean P. and Tom M. working on a 1951 Scott Atwater 10hp - two boats over (not in the photo) Jim M. had the Firestone version of the same motor. 1951 was the first year Scott offered a 10hp model, they are seldom seen in these parts - great motors too! Up on the shore next to the table is Jim M's beautiful all-original green Hiawatha 7.5 by Scott.
Don K. was testing props on one of his 1958 Evinrude Lightwins - 1958 Evinrudes are his favorite motors!
Tom C's DuraNautic and a really nicely restored red Penn Yan with '58 Evinrude.
Ken B's Alumacraft and Evinrude Fastwin, Greg S's vintage wood boat and Johnson 5 1/2.
Danny O. with his Porta-Bote and 1960 Scott McCulloch 7.5. Danny is the Yankee Chapter's expert on the "low-pro" McCullochs having a fleet of them!
Step 1) Mount the 1936 Thor Single on the transom
Step 2) Pull until motor starts
Step 3) Spend hours and hours running the '36 Thor. Next time someone says the early Thor's don't run, show them these photos of Harry's!
To shoving off for another run with the Scott 10hp - on left is Jack C's 1915 RBM and on the right is Phil T's Johnson OA-65
Don still testing the Lightwin props - Dan T. should note the RI state flag that Don's flying!
The 1931 Caille Model 16 ran well for about 10 minutes - then the waterpump stopped working and we shut it off immediately.
Graham running his Johnson AD-10
Three OMC 7.5s, from L to R 1957 Evinrude, 1958 Johnson and 1958 Evinrude
I think this display of Mini-Motors and Waterwich singles was Danny O's
Some of the items for swap
Doug P. got a nice late-model Champion - in the crate was an Indian he picked up at the meet from Glen W.
Al B. always has good stuff to swap!
Another shot of Dave V's Whaler and Merc KG-9 - very cool!

Yankee Chapter: Making Waves With Old Outboards

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