Yankee Chapter: Making Waves With Old Outboards


Rocky Hill CT - March 26th 2011

By Firstin O'Boards

Tom C. deserves a huge round of thanks for hosting a really great swap meet at the Rocky Hill VFW. After the longest and most miserable winter in the history of New England, clearly our members were itching to get out and talk, swap and shop old outboards! There were just under 100 members signed in, though i'll confess that the crowd seemed bigger.

A tremendous number of motors changed hands, the oldest I saw was a cast tank Johnson, if correct it would be a '22 model. Several other 1920s Johnsons were traded think I saw examples of the P and S series, plus a couple opposed Ks. A good number of Evinrude Model Ns, two Fs and I think I saw a Model U. Of special note was two Caille outboards for sale by Jack C. - I think both found new homes.

Plenty of 1930s motors were to be had. Look below for the photos of Kevin S's Neptune OB-2 opposed twin with the rope disk and tiller arrangement. This motor also had a very unusual cast tank with a bizarre hammertone texture. It even sported the remains of the original decal - not a motor you see every day.

Most of the post-war "classic" outboards seemed to be of the smaller horsepower 2-16hp class. I only spied a one Scott 3 cyl and a Big Twin or two. (I guess all that shoveling of snow over the winter hurt people's backs and they didn't want to lift the "big iron")

There was a ton of parts, accessories and literature that changing hands. Several boats were offered including the nifty white & blue fiberglass boat seen below. It seems that interest in the Feathercrafts may be on the wane; Garry M was unable to find a new home for the blue one see in the photos. (A couple of years ago this would have been snapped up at twice the asking price!)

We also had a very successful raffle for three motors donated by members Art R., Jeff J. and Will G. The motors were a 1965 Johnson 6hp, 1954 Evinrude Lightwin 3hp and 1956 Evinrude Fleetwin 7.5hp respectively. THANKS GUYS!!

Thanks to Bruce C. and the other great people at the VFW for providing us with their excellent facility.

There are a ton of photos below courtesy of Matt M. from NH and Al B. from CT. (I didn't even have a chance during the day to even get my camera out of the truck!) The virtual tour starts in the south-western corner and runs clockwise around the lot - ENJOY!!

Western Side
Beautiful 1960s fiberglass boat for sale. Bob G apparently scored the Aquanaut!
Larry C. eyes Gary M's restorable Feathercraft
Ace restorer Norm D. put his practically new MirroCraft up for sale along with this beautiful 1955 Johnson RD 25hp.
Ken B. wasn't selling his latest restoration project but brought it to show all of us how far he's come. This baby was hauled out of a barn last fall and now (after countess hours of his hard work) looks fantastic! Can't wait to see it out on the water this summer.
Some classic and modern OMCs - that black motor sure is out of place!
Wright reciprocating wood saw - that's one way around the chainsaw patent.
Elto Pal or Ace would make a fine first restoration project.
Some of Tom C's classic and antiques - nice Mate!
A few of Gary M's motors
Gary's got the hook set in Jim M. on this Light Four!
Early Evinrude Ducktwin 3hp, 1959 Evinrude Sportwin 10hp and an Elto Speedster
Late model Johnson PO 22hp
This writer seriously thought about the Elto
PO & Elto again
Frank P. with Scott 3.6, Sea King/Gale 3hp and what looks too be a '29 Evinrude Model F?
Closeup of the Evinrude
Frank also had 3 Martin 20s for sale
Another shot of Frank's stuff
Okay honey, I got it. On the way home pick up 2% milk, rye bread and 1/2lb of Boar's Head sliced chicken
These Johnson AT 5hp would make a good project for someone
Rich C. enjoying a minute of warmth when the wind was down
Some of Rich's items for trade, sale, swap, ????
Need a wheel to complete that restoration?
Looks like someone likes their '57 Johnsons!
More of the '57 Johnsons and one Sea King 5hp
Dave V. and Justin G. eyeing that nice Scott 10hp
1958 and 1957 Evinrudes
North Side
Rusty M. is selling his beautiful 1953 Evinrude Big Twin. And in Dick P's trailer on the right, there she blows! The elusive "White Elgin"
Better shot of Dick's trailer
Rich G. had a pair of what appear to be Super 5s. How unusual, we didn't know he could even to look at anything but KE-4s!!
Alan had everything from a pair of Gale 1.5hp to a big husky 1958 16hp Scott Atwater and a baby blue 5hp Scott also from '58.
Eastern Side of Parking Lot
This cute post-war Wizard found a new home for $50
Some of Kevin S's stuff
Kevin S. had this unusual 1931 Neptune OB-2 on display. It sports a rope disk just below the powerhead for remote steering and this goofy offset tiller if you prefer to run it that way. The lower unit swivels (like a Caille) and the powerhead is stationary. It also has a very unusual cast tank with a finish that looks like hamertone paint.
The two blue engines on the ground appear to be an early 50's Evinrude Fleetwin 7.5 , Lightwin 3hp and a Johnson 4hp from the late 1960s or early 70s/ The motor on the stand is a 1946-48 Johnson KD 9.8hp.
1959 Evinrude Sportwin 10hp and 1953 Elgin 5hp
Various projects!
More photos of the various projects
Your editor caught chatting with Don S. about his unusual (and very old) home made oars
Don had some go-fast props for sale
Don also had a nice original early Big Twin Evinrude 25hp for sale
This seems to be the year of these little side-pull 4hp OMC motors from the late 60s and early 70s - they were everywhere!
South End of Parking Lot
Early 50's Sea King (Gale) 5hp on the ground looked like it would run if you put gas in it!
Ted Williams 7hp, Gamefisher (Force) 5hp and an electric
Justin G. and Bob Z. grab some coffee
The sun finally get to this corner at about 11:00. The coffee and everything we had for sale were gone by then!
Everything but the 1926 Evinrude Model N......
Shot of Al B's stuff for sale - there were some great parts in those drawers!
Two more shots of Al's stuff. I don't think the NOS 100:1 Acumix tank found a new home.
Larry C and Jim M. drove down together and swapped/sold what they brought and reloaded with more projects. On the right is the Lightfour that Gary M. sold Jim from an earlier photo above!
Phil T and Jim M working on a 1927 Evinrude Fastwin
Larry C. just picked up this Indian outboard by a chance encounter at lunch. He's given all of us hope that "they're still out there!"
Two more shots of Larry's Indian - complete with the always missing or broken air intake.
Rowboat Motor Chapter President Jack C. had two Cailles at the meet
I think Jack said this one was a Model 30
Love the marble glued on the end of the tiller!
Some of Ken H's goodies
Doug P. and Art D. had a great display of new, used and reproduction parts for antique outboards. The had EVERYTHING!
More of Doug & Art's stuff
A few of the complete motors Doug had for sale
Martin, Waterwich, Evinrude, another Waterwich and a Mercury - nice cross section of antique and vintage stuff
Missed seeing these motors at the meet, I can't tell from the photos if they are S or P series Johnsons - they look virtually the same!
Early Johnson Model A and a Waterwich
Nice early Johnson QD 10hp
Thanks to Hurricane Harry for manning the check-in table for most of the morning (It was a lot warmer in the VFW)
See you at the next Yankee Chapter Meet!

Yankee Chapter: Making Waves With Old Outboards

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