Yankee Chapter: Making Waves With Old Outboards

Rocky Hill CT Dry Meet, Saturday March 24th 2007

A Beautiful Day
By Evin Rude

Once again Frank P’s swap meet at the Rocky Hill VFW exceeded everyone’s expectations. The day dawned with a clear blue sky and temperatures soared well into the sixties as the day went on – many people received their first sunburn of the year! This was a welcome change from the 6-12" of snow and ice in the form of a Nor’easter that visited us the previous weekend.

And as was the case the previous year, this meet reigns supreme in our chapter for the shear number of things that were swapped, sold or given away! Every meet seems to have one make or model that stands out, for this writer it was the 1920’s Evinrudes. Of note were several Model N’s that found new homes and I believe a Model U was picked up early on - and there were lots of 1930’s ‘rudes. The usual mix of 1920’s-40’s Johnsons was also available, I counted two opposed A’s, a couple of J’s, and F-70 and at least 3 model K’s. At least one Bendix, a couple of Champions and several Neptunes were spied being moved from one vehicle to another by smiling individuals.

The ever-popular classics from the 1950’s were everywhere. Lots of Green Mercurys were exchanged as well as plenty of Evinrudes, Johnsons and a good number of Gale built motors. Things you don’t see everyday were the restored ’53 Scott Gold Pennant 10hp, an Oliver J-2 of 5 1/2hp, a number Martin 40’s, 60’s and 75’s, and also a few of the 12hp fiberglass hooded Elgins. A relatively late model Gale 35 that was positively mint found a new home in Massachusetts.

And there is always some "new" stuff available, plenty of 3hp Johnson & Evinrude motors, a few of the low profile Scotts, OMCs and even a Chrysler or two. There were also at least two jet motors at the meet but I believe only one was for sale. Even some motors from the 1970’s showed up, plenty of 6hp OMCs and a couple of the Mercury 3.9 and 4hp singles. By the end of the day anything that hadn’t sold many people were giving away. It was the consensus last year that everybody left with more stuff than they brought – there was the same feeling this year as well!

Also part of the festivities was a fun raffle where winners got their choice of a nice 1950 Elgin, a customized "Arnold Palmer" edition HD-15 Johnson and a very unique stealth version of the West Bend Shrimp! Thanks to Jim M, Frank P. and Dan T who contributed the motors. Also, congratulations to Dave B., Dave S. and Doug P. who were the big winners! Also enjoyable was the live music provided by members Norm D., Jim M., and Dan T., who played requests during lunch.

Those who stayed long enough got to see a demonstration of Bob T’s 1930’s Johnson Utilimotor. In addition to being educational and making music to the ears, it was wonderful to breathe some blue smoke on such a fine early spring afternoon!

A very special tanks to Frank P. and his mom, step-dad, Uncle Walt and Aunt Maureen for putting on such a fantastic meet. And thanks to the folks at the Rocky Hill VFW who rent us their fine facility to hold the meet – I think they actually enjoy having us come each year!

And thanks to all who contributed the photos below!

Rocky Hill VFW - take a virtual tour of our meet!
Starting in the SE Corner - Dan T's truck of vintage iron
Norm D's goodies
Norm closing the deal!
Love the K Johnson and Martin
Vintage & classic motors
Fabulous fifties - Nice CD-12!
Alternate firing Neptune and is that an OK-55 Johnson?
More classic iron
A close up
The last of the JW's - make me an offer!
HD-25 looking for a new home!
1958 Javelin cover gets an inspection
Gary M's offerings - boat should move along with the Mercury!
Art D. turns his back on the Merc, Martin and Elgin!
Good stuff here!
1957 Elgin and a red motor
Close up of the Mark 25 on display
Looking at Lenny's stuff
Dean P. eyes the Sea King!
Close up of Lenn'ys stuff
This was a super clean 35hp Gale
It found a new home by the end of the day
Dave B. is eyeing the Scott-Atwater 10hp Gold Pennant in Rick P's truck
Repaint & new decals - those Gold Pennants have a lot of power.
Wow, this is too good a deal to pass up!
Nice Elgin 12 - it is reported to run!
The Elgin even came with the parts motor to the right of the truck - what a deal!
Bob is pleased to see the Elgin find a new home - Hey Hurricane Harry, how about the Firestone....
Even a chainsaw!
Small car, small motors!
Super nice Evinrude 10
It runs great!
Jim M studies 1926 Evinrude
Close-up of the Evinrude
Art enjoys the Johnson S on display
Frank P and the raffle motors
Our fabulous raffle motors!
Business meeting before the raffle
At least 100 people attended!
Time for the raffle
The suspense builds
Hurricane Harry picks the tickets
And the winner is......
Dave B. - his pick is the 1950 Elgin 5 donated by Jim M.
Second prize for Ruel E. had to be the little West Bend/Elgin
Giving thanks to the appropriate party for the glorious weather!
Evinrude N and Johnson S
Reviewing fine literature
Working a deal on some parts
One member brought a nice display of the little Elto Cub and Evinrude Mates
Johnson K expert Michael S. discusses the swapability of a K-45 lower unit to a K-75
Dan T finding parts with Gary M.
Coffee klatch - outboard meet style!
Jack (L) is talking about Clinton more & more these days.....
Rick W. talking this young man out of a purchase.....
......Poor kid!
Harry was sad not to pick up the additional Firestone 3.6
Cool, been looking for exactly this control box!
Birds from the Cape flock together
Old Fussbudget showing off his newly purchased 1957 Elgin 12
By 9:30 a very crowded parking lot
Samantha and mom Karen are making this meet a yearly thing! (Grandpa Walt can't wait 'till Sam gets her first Mercury!)
Frank & his mom
Greg J. and our long-distance guest Adele H. who (with husband Billy) made the trek from Canada, eh!
A Koban out for a run.
Walt loves to talk Mercury
Dick C. and Dick S. enjoying the day
Ruel E. shopping
An attractive Elgin always brings a smile to Joe R.
Old Fussbudget has more gas than usual
Don S. is dazed after packing the 26 outboards he and Jerry purchased into the Dodge Magnum
"Honey, I'm going to be later than I thought"
Should I buy the Martin or the Champion..... only have enough money for one. Wonder where the nearest ATM is????
Ken B listens in total disbelief to Rich G's tales of doing 56 mph with a Mark 5.


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