Yankee Chapter: Making Waves With Old Outboards


Framingham MA Meet - January 27th 2007

By Snow Miser

Seventy five souls braved the single digit temperatures to attend the meet at Edwards Church in Framingham. I think Bob and Louisa G got the long distance award coming up from PA, all the New England states were well represented and Joe & Barbara R. from NJ also made the trek. Lots of outboards, parts, tools and literature changed hands despite the cold. Inside the hall was warm and it was wonderful to come in, warm up, talk old outboards with friends and enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee.

I know of a '26 Caille 5 Speed, Caille Rowboat motor and a Lauson twin that changed hands - not your usual fair. Ken H. had several of his popular "dollar" bins that were full of goodies. I purchased an enormous pile of West Bend literature from Ken, great reading for the rest of the winter! Gary M. always finds a truck full of nice old iron to swap & sell, this meet was no exception.

Lois M., Louisa G., Barbara R. and Maureen L. worked tirelessly to prepare the hot chili and sausage & peppers for everyone, it was delicious!

Thanks to Ron and Lois M. for holding this great meet!

A really big thanks to Norm D. and host Ron M. who saved my bacon and provided the photos below. (I forgot my camera!)

View of the lot....
...better grab that Champion - everything else has sold!
Deal making
Hard-core swapping
Frank P. says: "Come on over and I'll make you such a deal!"
A feeding frenzy!
New stuff just arrived - the rush is on!
Still some good stuff left!
Joe R. and Tom M. talk about the Scott Atwater 1-20 that got away....
Most of Frank's motors sold...
...at the end of the day only the Clinton was left behind.
Brooke N., Bill A. and Gary M agree that it is "wicked cold out"
Nice Champ single
Evinrude Fleetwin
Squatty 9.5 is always popular with anglers
Bill W's fine stuff
Early Johnson RD - the ultra rare "John Deere Edition"
Gary M's swap-o-rama
Extra winter weight for traction courtesy of ECK
Ken's truck of goodies
Ken himself!
Need some RD covers???
Ray S. filming the meet to enjoy during the summer when it is 100 degrees in the shade!
Maureen & Barb serving up the delicious lunch
Well attended meeting since everyone needed to warm up!
Host Ron M.
Lenny's Johnson fire pump
Bob T's Maytag....
....making blue smoke!

Carl (smiling) "Deb will be so happy! - I DID NOT buy another boat today"

Bob G. showing his mime technique

Dan T. (orange hat) falls down amazed at how nice the Johnson K looks.

Harry next to the mountain of West Bend literature Ken H. sold me!


Yankee Chapter: Making Waves With Old Outboards

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