Yankee Chapter: Making Waves With Old Outboards



Norm W.

It seems I started collecting outboards when I was 10 years old. Although at 10, I didn't know what collecting was, I just didn't want Pop to sell the "old" looking motors. Most of which I still have and are a part of my collection today. At the age of 12, I was hired at Reservoir Marine Sales in East Otis, Ma. There I repaired outboards which is where I learned about and fell in love with Mercury outboards. It wasn't long before I became to know the Mercury outboard inside and out. And so the love outboard passion began.

I purchased my first Mercury in 1957 which was a brand new 1958 Mark 6. I worked my tail off that winter and managed to save the $231.00 they were asking for it. It was one of the greatest high lights of my life! The next Mercury to come a long was a 1958 Mercury Mark 25 which I purchased in 1960. This motor is still in my collection. I continued to work for Reservoir Marine Sales as I grew up and did consultations and repair work for them until 1984. My collection ranges from the 1940 K-1 to a 1964 Merc 39. I have about 50 other Mercury's that I have collected and restored over the years. But I must say the one motor that always "catches my eye" is the Mark 20 and my Mark 20H is one of my favorite ones in the collection.

If anyone is ever looking for help with the classic Merc's, restoring or repair, you may contact me at the email below:

A great day for a spin with a Mark 20!






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